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Cantwell Mattress Eco-Friendly

100% Natural, Reusable and Recyclable Materials!


Cantwell Mattress Companies believes in helping the environment as much as possible. In being a responsible eco-friendly company we strive to keep as much company waste from making its way into the landfills. All Cantwell mattresses can be recycled after the usable life of the mattress has passed. When you are replacing your old mattress ask your sleep specialist about our exciting recycling program.



Natural Cotton
The fiber of a thousand faces and almost as many uses, cotton is noted for its versatility, performance and above all - its natural comfort. From all types of sheets and towels...and yes, Mattresses...cotton in today's fast-moving world is still nature's wonder fiber, providing thousands of useful products and supporting millions of jobs as it moves year after year from field to the consumer. Cantwell Mattress has been using cotton since 1920 and we believe it is what gives use our fabulous comfort and outstanding durability.



Latex is a naturally derived biodegradable product. It comes from the rubber tree. Latex is hypoallergenic, and breathes to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Bacteria, mildew, and mold cannot live in latex foam. Independent tests prove that latex foam is three times more resistant to dust mites and bacteria than ordinary mattresses. Cantwell Mattress Company uses the finest most pure latex from a leading Latex producer.



Recycled Scrap Steel
All Cantwell Mattress spring units are made with scrap steel. This guarantees that the steel used for our spring units doesn't hurt the environment. New iron ore has to be strip mined from the earth so we believe that staying with an Eco-friendly philosophy Cantwell's must demand that its suppliers only use recycled scrap steel to manufacture its Spring Units. This process of melting down and blending different types of steel has proven to make stronger steel rod to make springs out of.



Wood has been used in the construction of fine quality furniture for thousands of years. Today Cantwell Mattress still carries on the craftsmanship of using natural wood in the construction of all its hand built foundation. A great mattress starts with a great foundation, the foundation is what supports the weight of the sleeper. Cantwell Mattress supports responsible forestry practices as well as the reforestation of our habitat.