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Latex Foam

Cantwell Mattress believes in using the highest quality components for our mattress to deliver the most restful nights sleep.  We strongly believe in latex and have been using latex ever since it has been available to the mattress industry.  Latex has been around much longer than Visco Elastic Memory foam and other gel foams.  It has already proven itself to last as a master bedroom mattress for longer than 20 years of nightly use.  It has also proven itself to breathe and naturally stay cooler than synthetic foams.  Latex offers a unique, floating sensation that relaxes muscles and relieves tension.  Ordinary foam sinks, while latex sleep products lift your body to relieve tension and relax muscles for maximum pressure relief.
Unlike Polyurethane foams and Visco Elastic Memory foams which are oil based plastics, Talalay Latex utilizes natural material harvested from renewable rubber trees.
There is a ton of information about latex online.

Cantwell Mattress Co. is a mattress manufacture that takes all that information and only chooses the best, purest materials to build a high quality product that we know will last, provide a restful nights sleep, stay cool, and give you a great return on your investment.
Built to Order: When your purchase a mattress at Cantwell Mattress Co., we build you a fresh set.  Therefore, you can choose various firmnesses and thicknesses based on your individual needs.  Together with our 1 year comfort guarantee, it ensures your satisfaction with the sleep set.

Two-Sided All Talalay Latex Mattress, Organic Cotton Quilts

Odd Sizes are available, come in and check out our prices!