You can't well sleep without a Cantwell Mattress!

Traditional Double-Sided Mattress

Since E.R. Cantwell started manufacturing his own mattresses in 1920, the Cantwell name has been on only the finest sleep sets found anywhere.  The same is true today, although Cantwell Mattress Co. now offers foam, memory foam, and adjustable mattresses today – we still manufacture some of the finest double-sided sleep sets on the market.

The two-sided mattresses have already proven themselves for their long durability.  One of the reason’s most mass-produced mattresses only last eight years is because of the inability to flip the mattress and the foam fillers that are being used.  Minimizing the amount of foam, only using high quality foams combined with natural cotton, textile fibers, and the ability to flip is a traditional construction that has been proven to double the life of a mattress.  Our mattresses have earned the warranties we put on them. Rest assured that Cantwell Mattress has the experience to build a quality sleep set and we will stand behind our product, even in situations that do not fall under the warranty.

Breathability is a proven construction to keep your mattress cool.  When designing our mattresses, breathability is one of our key factors to keep your mattress fresh and cool.  No matter what latest technology foams or gels used, if it doesn’t breath, you will sleep hot.  The more natural, breathable materials used, the cooler you will sleep.


It has a supple rich pillow top with Organic Cotton fabric and is support enhanced by lofty fibers that will contour to your body as molded support.  Hand built in ourCorpus Christi factory, the Tradition’s reinforced center and the two sided construction are two major factors that account for the longevity of the Tradition sets, some of which we have documented law labels of lasting over 20+ years.  The Tradition is built with Organic cotton quilts, Natural Latex, some Poly foam, Natural Cotton, Inner-tufted spring core, and finished in a flippable design. 15 year warranty, 1 year comfort guarantee.

The Grand*

The Grand series is one of the strongest, two-sided mattresses we build.  It has the strongest spring in the bedding industry and finished 3 different ways, your choice, same price. Double sided Orthopedic quilt top(extra firm), Double sided Luxury firm quilt top(medium firm), double sided Pillow Top(plush firm), 15 year warranty, 1 year comfort guarantee.

The Decorator’s Touch

This set offers you 3 comfort levels with heavy layers of natural cotton on both sides. It is inter-tufted to produce deep down firmness and is available in Pillow Top Plush Firm or Quilt Top.

Lifestyle 2000

A tremendous value for the money, Lifestyle 2000 comes with a choice of two sided pillow top or quilt top.  Manufactured with natural cotton and organic cotton quilts.  10 year warranty, 1 year comfort guarantee.

The Hotel Special

Commercial quality construction in a two sided quilt top.  Here is a durable and economical sleep set.  Easily can support two full grown adults, firm finish, and provides a good return on your investment. 10 year warranty.